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Cybersecurity Metrics: Are we fooling ourselves?


Value of IT: Using Metrics to Build a Narrative of

IT’s Impact within the Enterprise 

July 23, 2019     09:00 AM – 03:00 PM 

  University of Wisconsin  Madison 

**An updated link to consortium video is available here.**  

Video and Speaker materials for  UWEBC Members 

Since 1998, the UWEBC has brought executives, managers and senior practitioners from leading Wisconsin companies together to  learn from each other. As a result, 3 Wisconsin governors have recognized the UWEBC as a model of university-industry collaboration, advancing the competitiveness of Wisconsin businesses and the health of Wisconsin’s economy.

For more information regarding the UW E-Business Consortium  

I enjoyed meeting Bradley, Tamara, Brad and Thomas. Great information sharing opportunities were available throughout the day regarding metrics across ‘all things IT.’ Thank you to Stellar Cyber’s Steve Martinez for informing me of the event and inviting me to participate.

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Tamara Walker

Brad Bella

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John Graham

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